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  • custom personalized teaching and instruction
  • adaptable learning to fit clients needs
  • almost 15 years of teaching experience
  • I share my passion for photography and teaching others who love the visual art of photography
  • year round in in any weather, I have the knowledge and expertise to help my clients learn and experience photography to their full potential

What i offer at my workshops


Current WOrkshops 2017  

  • Sleeping GIant  Provincial Park
  • Confederation College, Thunder Bay Campus
  • Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park
  • lecture theatre, classroom
  • almost any location for smaller groups or individuals
  • any time of year!
  • beginner, intermediate, advanced levels
  • camera basics
  • photographic terms and theory
  • software and digital workflow
  • image capture techniques
  • step by step hands-on instruction
  • photo gear and hardware
  • field trips and/or classroom settings
  • topics can be chosen to cater to client needs



Monthly Photography

Workshop Calendar

Follow the links for more information on mycurrentand past workshops. I offer workshops in the great outdoors as well as in a classroom setting. Personal and group options are also available.